Please visit and shop the Market Square Farmers Market May-December at Market Square in downtown Knoxville.


tat soi

Market Square Farmers Market

Produce for December

Lettuces-romaine, redleaf, greenleaf, butterhead; beets; broccoli; bok choi and tat soi; cilantro; collards; chard; kales-lacinato, curly, scarlet, red Russian; purple, white (Japanese), and orange sweet potatoes; red and white turnips; carrots; and savoy, napa, and green cabbage.


You may also find Hines Valley Farm produce at Three Rivers Market as well as on the menu of The Plaid Apron in Sequoyah Hills and Northshore Brasserie in west Knoxville.




I have learned that many assume that all market farmers sell organic produce. This assumption is false. The majority of growers in the Knoxville markets are conventional. My USDA organic status is verified by independent inspection. Some farmers operate under the "certified naturally grown" standard similar to USDA organic: this regime is policed by member growers. Please see organic farming for details.

John Ledbetter


Hines Valley Farm is half an hour west of Knoxville, on the western edge of Lenoir City, 19801 Hines Valley Road.